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High performance data centers

N+N UPS Power, Dual Backup Generators and VESDA Fire Detection and Supression. Sleep at night knowing your dedicated or colocated servers are always online, thanks to a comprehensive building management system and 24 hour monitoring.

Our core network is located in London Docklands. We have two network cores, one located in Telehouse East, the other in Telehouse North. Telehouse is home to most of the UKs largest carriers including Level3, AboveNET and Cogent. It is also home to the UKs major broadband providers such as BT and Virgin Media. By locating our core network in Telehouse we are able to provide fast low latency access to UK and European networks.

We have two routers in Telehouse East and two routers in Telehouse North, plus fibre connectivity between the two sites. During normal network conditions our policy is to route connectivity over the best path available. The network is engineered that should a router or either core routing site fail; traffic will automatically be re-routed over the remaining sites or connections. We only need one core network site, one router and one upstream carrier to service customers. The likelihood of us losing both routing sites and both routers in each is near zero.

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